Michael Hamilton Intensive

The Ashtanga Mysore community is very excited about the return visit of Michael Hamilton, a renowned Ashtanga teacher authorized by Sri K. Pattachi Jois of Mysore, India. Michael left South Africa to initially pursue studies in art. In his travels he discovered the wisdom practices which led him to conduct studies in yoga under the guidance of many prominent teachers in the Krishnamacharya lineages. Meditation practice forms the foundation of his teachings on Buddhism and yoga and it’s integration into our daily lives. With an eye for detail and alignment he conducts workshops throughout the world emphasizing the internal practice of yoga through mindfulness.

During his four day workshop in Cape Town, Michael will focus on Yoga asana and Buddhism meditation to awaken deep routed sensations in our bodies. His aim is to connect the practice of yoga and meditation for living in today’s complex world. The students will experience, through a series of hip openers, how often they miss finding the deepest aspect of a posture in order to avoid feeling sensations. Michael will also offer invaluable guidance on how to strengthen the shoulders, release the neck, and connect to the core in a series of exercises to help bring awareness to the areas that awaken during forearm balance. In addition, students will learn how their feet, pelvic and respiratory diaphragm connect to the gaze, the breath and the tongue. Finally, students will explore the first few postures of the intermediate series as a way of examining the principles of back bending.

Every session will have a talk about how to integrate a daily yoga practice with Buddhist mindfulness philosophy in order to find balance in our lives, have meaningful interactions in our relationships, and gain a deeper understanding of emotional awareness. Michael’s visit is a great boon to the Yoga community in Cape Town and a rare opportunity for everyone to learn from such an incredible teacher. ENJOY