Mikko on Pranayama

Mikko Seppinen is the director of Mysore Yoga Copenhagen in Denmark.  Here he chats about pranayama.

“I started the practice of pranayama around ten years ago in Copenhagen with Paul Dallaghan, and have continued since then under the guidance of Sri OP Tiwari and his son Sudhir Tiwari, some of the most authentic voices in the world of modern yoga.

Pranayama is a subtle practice that has tremendous effects on the nervous system and the mind. It is often considered as one of the best yogic practices for spiritual growth as well as for therapeutic applications. For me personally pranayama has been an invaluable supplement to the asana practice, adding a new understanding of breath, bandhas, energy, inner strength and focus. Yoga is essentially a practice of eight interconnected limbs, instead of eight separate steps, and in this bigger picture pranayama serves me as a path to meditation.

In the pranayama sessions during the week you will learn the fundamentals of classical pranayama and go home with a base practice. Those with an existing pranayama practice will be given personal help for refining the practice.”

More info about Mikko’s visit to Cape Town, 1-8 Sept’17, can be found here. The Breath, Bandhas & Pranayama workshop will take place on SUN 3 Sept, 10:00 -12:00. This workshop will lay the foundation for the week of daily pranayama with Mikko. All students welcome.