Anna Dec’17 & Jan’18

Anna Laurin is an authourised KPJAY teacher from Helsinki, Finland, and has been teaching Ashtanga yoga since 2008. When she was first introduced to the Ashtanga method it had an immediate and profound effect on her not only physically but mentally and spiritually too. Since 2010 Sharath Jois from Mysore, India, has been her primary teacher, and she received his authorisation to teach and share the practice in 2014. She continues to travel to Mysore annually to deepen her studies with him.

Anna greatly values the Ashtanga parampara tradition and believes that great wisdom lies in these teachings. Anyone can benefit from this practice when it is approached wisely with softness, patience, curiosity and persistence. In her teaching Anna emphasises these aspects while holding a safe and friendly space for every student that steps on their mat. “This practice of yoga is there to help us live a happy life and enjoy our life as much as possible.” – Sharath Jois

Anna will be teaching the morning Mysore, two intro classes for new students, a meditation class on Sundays, and a workshop on the Yamas during her visit. Full schedule. More about Anna here.

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