New Mysore teacher

A BITTER SWEET NEWS FLASH After four and a half years of running the Ashtanga Mysore program here in CT, I will be relocating to Houston, Texas, with Marc for the foreseeable future. MYCPT will however continue as before but under the guidance of KPJAYI level 2 authorised teacher, Kalyan Kaur, from England. We will still be at Yoga Zone and I will continue to manage the admin side of things from the US. Kalyan will join us as of 28 April and for the month of May, both of us will teach together before she takes over completely from June onwards. We hope that this will allow the transition to be smooth and effortless.  

Photo credit: Nicola Suttle

REFLECTIONS I believe that over the years we have truly created something very unique together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support over the years, your steadfast commitment to learning, and for being open to what and how I have shared this practice with you. A very special thank you and deep gratitude to all the teachers who have referred students over the years – Yvonne, Karen, Justine, Ros, Romy Paull, Ben, Mel, to name a few. 

I hope every moment on your mat has been worth it. The Ashtanga practice is one of many methods out there to help us connect, observe and sit with all that comes up within us as a deep mirror for the inner self. It is important to continuously remind ourselves of this so as not to overly focus on the physical outcomes of practice. We are not gymnasts or contortionists after all. This is not a performance. We simply explore the inner world through the physical body by moving into dark spaces of the body. To be able to fully embrace every moment, good or bad, to fully comprehend the impermanence of all and therefore see the miracle in all is one of the greatest gifts of yoga. To understand this with the mind is but one level of understanding but to experience it through the body solidifies this knowing in a much more tender and touching way, leaving you with a deep sense of love and compassion. Ultimately this allows you to live a fully present life and when you do, life seems to flow effortlessly.

The rewards are sweet but the task is not easy. Cultivating self-awareness and being present takes time and discipline, and often the biggest challenge is to make space for this process in ones life. We seem to stand in our own way so easily. As I have said before, practicing consistently over a long period of time without interruption is key. Remaining soft, curious, patient yet persistent in your approach is essential. This is when the true power of practice reveals itself and our deep internal patterns begin to shift. 

Please continue to use the Mysore room to work within. There are very few spaces like it in this world. I will miss you all greatly but I will send annoying WhatsApp love notes all the time 🙂 Promise!

Love,  Sharline x