Sharline Rofail

Sharline is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. After living in Copenhagen, Denmark, for some years, she moved to Cape Town in 2015 to head the Ashtanga program for Mysore Yoga Cape Town. Living in Copenhagen presented many inspiring opportunities for her to learn from and work with various senior and authorised Ashtanga teachers from around the globe such as her long term teacher Mikko Seppinen.

Sharline brings with her a decade of dedicated practice and teaching experience. She regularly travels to Mysore, India, to deepen her understanding of yoga and to connect to the Ashtanga Yoga lineage of Sri K. Patthabi Jois and his grandson Sharath. Her teaching style is gentle yet focused and encouraging. She hopes to help students realise their abilities beyond the limitations of their mind.

In the mornings you will also meet Jani Roodt who is an assistant teacher, and throughout the year we have visits from various international Ashtanga teachers. In December 2017 and January 2018, Sharline will be studying in Mysore, India and authorised teacher, Anna Laurin, from Helsinki, Finland, will be running the program during her absence. Both Anna and Sharline are of the belief that if approached with softness, patience, perseverance and curiosity, anyone can benefit from the Ashtanga Yoga practice.